Maryland Crab Guide

A Guide On How To Buy And Store Crabs

Having a meal that is that is served with excellent crab meat is one of the most exciting things to have. One having a meal that contains crabmeat despite being delicious also has a positive impact in your life such that you will create an everlasting memory that you once eat a crab, the case being that crabmeat is not all that often like another kind of meat. Make yourself one of the luckiest person who learn about the Crab Dynasty.

First when you approach that crab shop, and you want to buy a crab first ask yourself if you want to purchase live crab or a cooked one. If you want that cooked crab, then you should have in mind that you should know all the procedure to follow to have delicious crabmeat meal. It is advisable that you should not buy dead crabs; the reason behind this is the fact that they have enzymes in them that makes the meat very marshy making the meat boring when eating. If you are for the live crab, then you should touch it and study its response if the crab does not move then consider not buying the crab. The cooked and ready meat crab should be solid fresh and pasteurized in cans. The condition of the meat should be that it should be cold at the moment that you are going to buy it. When you notice any weird smell coming from the meat, the most likely thing is that the meat might have gone bad and therefore you should not buy the meat. A bluish or a grey color on the meat is an indication that the meat was not stored properly. A freshly-frozen crab in a shell should have its exposed meat white. Look for the freeze burns on the crab and the packing, and keep the meat in that frozen condition until you are ready to heat it. Be more curious about the information that we will give about crabs for sale online

Now let's have a look at how long you should store the crab. When you buy the live crabs, you are free to cook them on the very day that you buy them for the short time that you are going to store them. Put them in an open container lined with a newspaper and store them in a cooler. For the case of the pasteurized crabmeat stored in the can the self-life is between 8-18 months. When you buy, that can crab meat always have a look at the dates of manufacture and those of expiry to avoid any health hazard associated with food poisoning. To read more to our most important info about crabs click the link